Vyasa Puja offering for the year 1997

Dear Srila Prabhupäda,

Please accept my prostrated obeisances at your divine lotus feet. All glories to Your Divine Grace!

One Bengali boy from a brahmana family met you in Calcutta.

Boy: I have become a Christian.

Srila Prabhupäda: Why? You are coming from a good family. In India, no high-class persons become Christians.

Boy: There is no difference between Christianity and Krishna consciousness.

Prabhupäda: There is. Christians eat meat and we don’t.

Boy: What is your philosophy?

Prabhupäda: Our philosophy is very simple: ‘God is great, and we are very small. Therefore our duty is to serve God.’ The rest is all detail.


Srila Prabhupäda, over the years we have come to realize the simple truth: “You are great, and we are very small. Therefore our duty is to serve you.”

Although I may not know or understand many of the details, I do hope I have realized this eternal truth: “You are great, and I am very small. Therefore my duty is to serve you.”

For me the best way to serve you is to serve your servants and servants’ servants.

keha mäne, keha nä mäne, saba tomära däsa

ye nä mäne, tära haya sei päpe näça

“Some accept you whereas others do not, yet everyone is your servant. One who does not accept you, however, will be ruined by his sinful activities” (based on Caitanya-caritamrita, Ädi 6.85).


You are the Supreme Personality of Servitor Godhead. Just as everyone is meant to serve Krishna, now on earth all are meant to serve you. And our duty is to bring them to your service. Only by engaging in your service can they be happy.


naiṣāṁ matis tāvad urukramāṅghriṁ
spṛśaty anarthāpagamo yad-arthaḥ
mahīyasāṁ pāda-rajo-’bhiṣekaṁ
niṣkiñcanānāṁ na vṛṇīta yāvat
“Unless they smear upon their bodies the dust of the lotus feet of a Vaisnava completely freed from material contamination, persons very much inclined toward materialistic life cannot be attached to the lotus feet of the Lord, who is glorified for His uncommon activities. Only by becoming Krishna conscious and taking shelter at the lotus feet of the Lord in this way can one be freed from material contamination” (Srimad-Bhägavatam 7.5.32).


Nobody wants miseries. But because we accept this material body, we are bound to suffer. To become free from the material body and its concomitant miseries, one must take shelter of you and your servants. As your purport concludes,


Only one who has surrendered to a pure devotee of Krishna and taken the dust of his lotus feet can understand Krishna. First one must understand how to get out of the clutches of mäyä. The only means is to become Krishna conscious. And to become Krishna conscious very easily, one must take shelter of a realized soul—a mahat, or mahätmä—whose only interest is to engage in the service of the Supreme Lord.…That is the way to return home, back to Godhead.”


I pray to remain eternally engaged in the service of the dust of your lotus feet—in the service of your servants and servants’ servants.


Your eternal servant, servants’ servant, and servants’ servants’ servant,

Giriräja Swami