When we would come back from the harinam sankirtan in the mornings, many of the people of Surat would be following the harinam party. But although Prabhupada wasn’t with us physically on the harinam sankirtan, he was in the back of everyone’s mind. He was in the back of our minds because whatever we were doing was for him, and he was in the back of everyone else’s minds because he was the great saintly person who had gone to the West from India and taken Krishna consciousness to the foreigners. So when we got back to the Jariwala house, people wanted to see Srila Prabhupada. Prabhupada would be in his room doing his own work, but sometimes the demand of the audience from below was so great that Prabhupada would emerge onto the balcony and give them darshan from the balcony. The throngs were elated, and so were we.