Offering to Srila Prabhupada for the year 1969


To The Spiritual Master


We shall work to serve You dear

Be in Your sunlight always near

And in Your rainfall always hear

Hare Krishna in our ear

Oh Swami, You are so beautiful,

So perfect, great, and just,

So nice and Oh so wonderful

To come to souls like us.

And so I love the Lord,

Because You, so great, do love Him

And this life which I am wont to hoard,

Let me spend in His Kingdom.

Krishna loves You, Swamiji,

And so must I love in return

Him the Source of all that be,

All love, all truth, and all we learn.

At night I always think of You while going to take rest

And in the morning wake to think upon you even more

In between I dream of You, Who are the very best

Whose every move I relish and whose person I adore.

Like fresh youth obsessed with young maiden

I think on your scent of rose crops

On your skin of sunlit heaven

On your voice of honey raindrops

That enters in my earthen ears

And absorbs my wretched mind

Into a pool of such deep tears

I fall and think I’ll never find

My balance. Oh Prabhupad,

You are guiding me truly back,

Back Home and back to God.

And I am following, just like the sack

Of bones I think I am. Heart

And soul You move in me because I love you so

And never would I find myself apart

From That where You would go.

Let me serve and be with you—

In separation all is bliss—

And let me further love You too—

Who can imagine such as this?

You awaken our dormant love of God,

For loving You we have no choice

But love Your Master, Prabhupad,

And sing aloud with simple voice:

Hare Krishna! The Holy Name

In praise of Him so good and kind

To send You dear of mercy fame

To love and make our life sublime.