Vyasa Puja offering for the year 1983


jaya jaya jahy ajam ajita dosa-grbhita-gunam
tvam asi yad atmana samavaruddha-samasta-bhagah
aga-jagad-okasam akhila-sakty-avabodhaka te
kvacid ajay atmana ca carato ’nucaren nigamah


“O my Lord, O unconquerable one, O master of all potencies, please exhibit Your internal potency to conquer the nescience of all moving and inert living entities. Due to nescience, they accept all kinds of faulty things, thus provoking a fearful situation. Lord, please show Your glories! You can do this very easily, for Your internal potency is beyond the external potency, and You are the reservoir of all opulence.” (Srimad-Bhägavatam 10.87.14)


Dear Srila Prabhupäda,


Please accept my most humble obeisances. All glories to Your Divine Grace.


While reading Sri Caitanya-charitamrita recently, I came across the following passage: “Whosever welfare you desire immediately becomes a Vaisnava, and Krishna delivers all Vaisnavas from the reactions of their past sinful activities. You desire the liberation of all kinds of living entities without discrimination. You are very anxious for their good fortune, and I say that simply by your prayer all living entities in the universe can be liberated.” (Cc. Madhya 15.169)


When I read these words I remembered the letter you wrote me on my initiation: “I am very glad to understand that you have at least realized some of the transcendental bliss of Krishna consciousness. It is a great fortune for you. Living entities are roaming within the universe in different species of life and in different planetary systems enjoying or suffering the reactions of pious or impious activities. But they have no information how to get out of this entanglement of repetition of birth and death. Due to the darkness of ignorance most living entities have no idea about the value of life. Therefore one who understands the importance of Krishna consciousness must be a very fortunate soul. So I marked it in your person when I was in Boston and I prayed to Krishna that this good soul may be aware of the importance of Krishna consciousness.”


I realized that simply by your prayer I had become “a Vaisnava,” and that by your mercy alone I had been delivered.


Although I have no qualification, I simply pray that you will continue to move me. You are so kind and compassionate! I want you to act through me to deliver more souls. Only then will you and your Lord be satisfied: “All immersed in bliss, sing the glories of Hari. The hearts of the Vaisnavas dance in ecstasy to see this.” (Vaisistyashtakam 8)


Your servant,

Giriräja Swami