Dear Srila Prabhupäda,

Please accept my prostrated obeisances at your lotus feet. All glories to Your Divine Grace and your numerous servants.

We enact this drama for our purification and your glorification.



Your Presence

Devotee: Srila Prabhupäda, nobody will accept me.

Prabhupäda: That’s all right. I’ll take you. Just come to me.


Your Anxiety

Prabhupäda: Where is that rascal? I am calling him. Why he is not coming?


Your Call

Prabhupäda: Come back! Come back!! Come back!!! I will still take you.


Your Servants’ Mercy

Devotee: Srila Prabhupäda, I’m back.


Your Mercy

Prabhupäda: Thank you very much. We were waiting for you. There is service for you.

*  *  *

Srila Prabhupäda, you know everything; still you have asked us to express our realizations in writing, so we explain.


The drama can be understood in different ways in different contexts. In one, you are in Goloka and we are here. You call us, but we do not go. Due to our material attachments, we are stuck. Due to your devotees’ mercy, we become liberated.


In another reading, you are wherever the devotee is, and the devotee is estranged from ISKCON. You are always available to guide us and accept our service. Yet when we lose the favor of the Vaisnavas, or when we are not properly engaged or encouraged, serving you becomes difficult. You call us, but because we have become weak, offensive, we do not respond. But when your servants encourage us, instruct us, and help us practically, we regain our strength and come back.

In one other reading, you are in Bombay and the devotee is me. “Giriräja can never leave Bombay.” But when I could not enter Bombay, I concluded that it was Krishna’s arrangement.

Maybe it was our desire.

Srila Prabhupäda, we need the devotees and the order of the guru. If we neglect either one of them, we create havoc.

Still, by the efforts of your servants, I may yet return, “back home, back to Bombay.”

Your fallen servant,

Giriräja Swami