12 April, 1972

This prasadam distribution item is very, very important, and it is so much pleasing to me that in the beginning so many children are coming for taking prasadam, and that supply of rice has come automatically. Please continue this program rigidly. By prasadam distribution you will do service to the Lord, and the public will be pleased upon you as well. Gradually increase the number of guests, and don’t deny anyone. Continue in this way: Whatever is there, distribute equally—it may not be very sumptuous, but no one should be denied equal portion

In Bombay

. So to summarize, you should distribute free prasadam, and try to introduce immediately KC instruction to the students through English medium. I know many parents are eager to educate their wards through English medium. If we can introduce this system, our girl disciples may be engaged for teaching them: a little English grammar, reading and writing, geography, arithmetic, history, sanskrit,, but all of them should be Krishna Conscious—that is Bhagavata program:

kaumaram acarer prajno

12 April, 1972